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Quality Silicone Moulds Pretoria

African Masks

Are you having an African themed function? Try these Silicone Molds by using chocolate to make table gifts for your guests OR make your own Cake Decorations ornaments using either clay or plaster of paris.

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Angels, Fairies, & Mermaids

Baby angel and adult angel silicone molds. The baby angel silicon moulds are ideal to use for icing decorations and chocolate table gifts and are suitable for Christenings, Weddings, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Every little girls fantasy! Make her a fairy cake and use the bigger fairy moulds to make chocolate table gifts. The Silicone Moulds can also be used to make ornaments for her bedroom by using plaster of paris, clay or porcelain. Decorate your cake by making big sugar rocks and place the icing mermaids in front of the rocks or coral.

Animals & Insects

Silicone Moulds of insects in a large variety of sizes ranging from the tiny garden spider, worms, bees, ladybirds, dragonflies and the most beautiful butterflies. We have household pets, forest and farm animals, wild animals, the South African Big Five and even the extinct dinosaurs.

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Babies & Christening

We provide a wide variety of Cake Equipment Pretoria based with a selection of baby items ideal for stork teas and baby Christening functions. We have dummies, rocking horses, prams, baby bootees, 2 dimentional and 3 dimentional babies. Use icing to make your own cake and cupcake decorations.

Boys Toys & Mens Hobbies

Silicon moulds of cars, trains, planes, motorbikes, tools etc. for the 1 year old boy, to toys for the bigger boys (Men) and sports related themes, golf, fishing, soccer and rugby.

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A large selection of Silicone Moulds Pretoria, consisting of: Santas, gifts, holly, trees, reindeer, snowmen, sleighs, stockings, poinsettia, wreaths and includes 3 dimensional angels and 3 D Santa. Use icing to make decorations for cakes, cupcakes or to decorate biscuits, use chocolate to make table gifts for your guests. One can use plaster of Paris, clay or porcelain to make ornaments for your Christmas lunch or dinner table, Christmas tree hangings and decorate your gifts with personalized hand-made decorations. The possibilities here are endless!

Fish, Dolphin, Ocean & Beach Life

Silicone moulds for ocean related themes, includes: fish, crabs, starfish, sea shells and for the beach: bikinis, toys and beach accessories.

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Flowers, Gardens & Outdoors

A variety of flowers, flower pots, fruit, mushrooms and garden tools. Use the silicon moulds to make icing decorations, chocolates etc. The bigger rose molds and the gerbera mould are ideal to make candles and clay or ceramic decorative ornaments.

Girls Toys & Ladies Hobbies

Silicone Moulds of hats, shoes, handbags, clothing, cameos, dolls, beauty products, fashion accessories, kitchen utensils and includes 3 D shoes. Use these molds by using icing and chocolate to make decorations for cupcakes, cakes and table gifts for guests. Use other materials to make items to decorate other craft products and make your own decor ornaments.

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Miscellaneous Items, Bells, Bows, Jewels, Party

Silicone moulds of bells, bows, jewels, party decorations, ice cream cones, halloween and gambling items. A product called Isomalt is recommended to make edible jewels.


These Silicone Moulds can be used to make icing decorations or use clay to make decor for your party table.

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Silicone Moulds of small babies, girls, boys, ballerinas and faces. Use the faces silicon molds by using icing, clay or porcelain to make your own unique people.

Strips & Decorative

The strip Silicone Moulds measure approximately 225mm and are mainly used as borders. These are the easy way out if you do not like to do piped royal icing borders on cakes. They can be used with other materials like chocolate, plaster of paris, clay and porcelain to make frames for all types of artwork. The decor silicone moulds can be used for just about anything and with any medium or material available.

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Teddy Bears & Bunnies

Decorate biscuits with icing bunnies for Easter. Teddies are ideal for baby cakes and for Christening cupcakes or cakes. Use the bigger teddies to make plaster of paris or clay ornaments to decorate your babies bedroom.


Silicone Moulds for bells, hearts, doves, wedding outfits, brides and grooms. The big 3D Bride and Groom Mould is ideal to make in icing for a cake topper and can also be used to make candles for your wedding tables as decor.

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