About Shirley's Bakers Boutique

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How Shirley’s Bakers Boutique Started…

Welcome to Shirley’s Creations, from Shirley Treichel who is the owner of Shirley’s Creation, one of the leading Silicone Mould Suppliers in South Africa. For many years I’ve tried many different hobbies, and then discovered that I enjoyed working with chocolate and I made and sold a large variety of chocolates as a hobby, which I enjoyed very much.

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My Newfound Interest

After having my wedding cake made by one of the members of the South African Cake Decorators Guild, I was amazed by the art of the sugar flowers made for my wedding cake.

I decided to try this newfound interest and art form and thus joined the South African Cake Decorators Guild in the year 2000.

I finely found the hobby that most intrigued me.

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And That’s When My Hobby Started…

We now have the best quality silicone that we use to manufacture all of our Silicone Moulds. Shirleys Creations now have a large client base all over South Africa and also supply silicone moulds to some retail outlets. Being Silicone Moulds Suppliers, we have been manufactured to make the most of our quality materials and our experience, with flexibility, innovations, personalization and client support is what makes us succeed. We take great pride in every silicone mould that we manufacture and our motto is always to try for perfection. Our range of Silicone Moulds is always extending and we try to keep up with the trends and demands of today and thus manufacture new moulds on a continuous basis. We see in each accomplishment a New Beginning!

Proud to be one of the leading Silicone Mould Suppliers in South Africa!